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☆ Websites that I think are neat ☆

fun websites ive found that scratch my brain:

Cute Black Flying Butterfly

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Rag Knife

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yw!! lmk if you come across any others like these so i can add them! ^^

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when were you when john lenin dies?

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woah, all these websites look awesome. will check out!!!

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lmk what you think! ^^

by ★NatetheFairyKing★; ; Report


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ty!! love these websites ;3

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ofc!! lmk if you know any others i can add >v<

by ★NatetheFairyKing★; ; Report


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Very nice

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ᕕ( ᐛ ) ᕗ

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Cool websites!

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ty! ٩(ᐛ )و

by ★NatetheFairyKing★; ; Report


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How do you make your blog look so cool? (°0°)

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coding!! you click on the <> at the top of the editor and paste a blog code there, i have this exact code posted under my layouts if you want to try it out!

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Gracee 》•°▪︎°▪︎☆

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So cute!! I was looking for some cool websites aswell :D

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Thank you so much for sharing this!<33

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the sound website is so wholesome.

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ofc yw!! im glad you enjoy these ^^

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these are some super cool websites!! thanks a ton for sharing them : - D

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Ofc! These are such good boredom killers for me, I’m just glad other people like them

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Megan ♥

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Ok humanornot.ai is such a cool idea for a website I have never heard of it before!!! Thank u for sharing these totally awesome sites I hope more people see em :D

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Ty!! I just hope you have a lot of fun with them, I’m going to add more so feel free to check back whenever! OH and if you ever find any I haven’t listed yet lmk!

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Dawg I fucking love pointer pointer it’s literally so enthralling I could be on that site for hours

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SAAAAME its so funny i love it

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