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We should yassify barbie again- rant time

Barbie really used to be such an Icon. Now she's more like a Barbra. Like seriously what happened to all the sparkles and glitter? I get that people were concerned that Barbie was setting an unrealistic standard for girls and that she was a bad role model cause she taught girl that you had to be hyperfeminine n shit. I totally understand that argument in regards to the body type and the lack of diversity but I don't think that it should apply to her femineity. now days there are so many dolls that are tomboyish or show that you don't have to be feminine to be successful. The thing is because of the excess of these dolls there's not a lot of dolls that show that you can be FEMININE and successful. I feel like we've went from one extreme to another. The only line of dolls i can think of right now that has character(s) that have feminine characters like this is Monster High. You have characters like Cleo DeNile who is shown to care a lot about fashion but is still very successful and cool. Another good example is Lagoona Blue. Lots of dolls who are shown to be sporty are also shown to be tomboyish, this could lead kids to think that in order to be a sporty person you have to be tomboyish and dislike feminine things. Lagoona Blue is a good example of a doll breaking this role because although she is sporty she does like things like fashion and more stereotypical girly things. I think that instead of taking away from barbies femininity we should keep it and still have her be a successful person. All in all I think that the Barbie line should include more diversity like skin tones, hair textures, disabilities, genders, sexualities, etc. but still keep the stylistic fashionista aspect that has been around for so long. 

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