another oc ref, this time a newly redesigned sona

not that active on here but my sona got a redesign they're cool i think

Ref sheet for Alexi, a shapeshifting slime enby who likes to take a humanoid form often. Their humanoid form is focused on, being shown giving a thumbs up. They have copper-colored curly hair, with some hair curled around one of their two horns. The tips of their horns glow, one turquoise, and one magenta. They also have three eyes, one turquoise, one blue, and one magenta. An alternate version is shown with a single eye, with all three colors present in the eye. This version doesn't have a mouth, and is meant to resemble their slime form more. They also have a single antenna with a slimeball on the end, a carryover from their slime form they thought looked cute. They wear a turquoise and magenta vest jacket with a blue pattern on the back meant to resemble desiccated slime. They also wear a white crop top, black and white athletic shorts, and a necklace with an octahedral blue gem on the end. Their forearms, hands and legs are made entirely out of mostly blue slime with some turquoise and magenta mixed in, and all have objects visibly floating around in them. The slimy portions of their limbs are also much larger than the non-slime portions. Their legs are satyr or faun-like in shape, but Alexi don't always keep them this way. Their slime form is also pictured, sharing the antenna their humanoid form has, and a single eye. It also has objects floating around in it, including their necklace. Their humanoid form is 5'11" or 180cm, their slime form is 18" or 46cm.

for some lore stuff, they're a shapeshifting slime. they're not the best at it, hence why a decent amount of their body is still slime. their pendant helps them maintain their shape better, though they can still shift when experiencing strong emotions or sneezing or something. a lot of the reason why they look the way they do is because they think it looks cool and pretty much no other reason. 

had a lot of fun designing them although tears of the kingdom pulled me away for. a while.

also big thanks to velvetmorm for helping me out with the back of the vest (and just encouraging me in general), came out looking super cool

anyways i'm gonna go vanish from the site again byeeee

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