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IT GOOD! i am incredibly impressed by the art team and their ability. experimenting with my own 3d art has led to me having a deeper understand of what theyre doing and how fucking incredible they are at it. infinite respect. cant fucking wait for beyond the spiderverse!!

also, we got free tickets to fnaf basically, lmao. the closed caption devices werent working because no one fuckin turned the main thing on? and so we got vouchers for free tickets as an apology for the ableism and we decided we'll use it for the fnaf movie. perfect, we get to see it without giving scott money~ #disability win!

and now im gonna get some sushi!! yay!!

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♡ nadia ♡

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the movie was so good I literally can't wait for the 2nd part!!

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whats wrong with giving scott money??

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In 2020 Scott Cawthon donated thousands of dollars to various republicans including Donald Trump himself. So, I really would prefer to not give him any money considering how he has spent it in the past.

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oh. but didn't scott donate over 50000 dollars to the trevor project too?? this is all so confusing >n<

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Yeah, I believe he's donated to a few other charities too. I'm still gonna try to avoid giving him any extra money, though.

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ohh i understand! ty for clearing up

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