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hey there! please read this blog before you friend request!! thanks!


1. im autistic and i (maybe) have adhd

2. i dont use tone tags

3. i dissociate a lot

4. i hyperfix on and like problematic media

5. im cringy

6. im on testosterone so expect mild mood swings

7. i rage at video games

8. i say slurs i can reclaim

9. i have stupid humor


1. racist & anti-black

2. colorist (you stereotype people with different color type other than white , you speculate someone's nationality bc of their skin color & anything related to it & similarly like that)

3. anti-semitic & zionist (or if you dont identify as anti-zionist)

4. any-religion-phobic (not limited to just muslim or christian)

5. an exclusionist (gatekeep sexualities from the lgbtq+ community because theyre not "lgbt enough" ESPECIALLY if youre not lgbtq+. this is exception for invalid lgbtq+ labels such as "bi/pan + mspec lesbians", "semibisexuals", etc.)

6. you use slurs you cant reclaim

7. proshipper or anti/anti

8. you believe that a minority cant be oppressed by other minorities

9. misogynist or misandrist

10. youre just straight up rude & insufferable

11. you refuse to hold people accountable for what (alleged) wrongdoings theyve done

12. you cross someones boundary on purpose

13. you make/support animal cruelty comments

14. you make comments about supporting beastiality & necrophilia

15. you joke about & invalidate someones trauma

16. pro-military, pro-cop, & pro-life

17. anti-abortion, anti-recovery, & anti-self diagnosis

18. you throw hate towards the lgbtq+ community

19. support people who are openly lgbtphobic

20. you support conversion "therapy"

21. against xenogenders & neopronouns

22. against lesbians who doesn't use she/her prns, non-binary lesbians, & lesbians that also labels themselves in the ace spectrum

23. support invalid & harmful lgbtq+ labels

24. ableist

25. bi/pan + mspec lesbians, semibisexual, superstraight, & labrys flag

26. map (minor attracted person)

27. radfems, terfs, tehms, swerfs

28. neonazis

29. justify incest (not limited to blood-related families only, which also includes adopted/step-family members) in medias

30. justify and/or participate in the sexualization of minors

31. justify rape, any kind of abuse in the abuse spectrum, kidnapping, torturing, & sexual assault

32. justify pedophilia, predatory behavior, child molestation, child porn, & child trafficking in medias

33. support influencers that are alleged as predators and/or assaulters (jimmy urine, etc)

34. you support msi, lil darkie, jk rowling, lana del rey, etc

34. true crime blogs

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