this is just me naming a bunch of animals I like

before anything I would like to say this is not in order at all

ok so first on this amazing totally super awesome list we got LLAMAS they are the best animals ever llamas were a gift to society

Second up we got fish they are so goofy especially betta fish I love fish

Third on the list gotta be tigers they arre so cool looking fr

Forth up gotta be raccoons, I’m not explaining further

The fifth one on this list is golden snubbed nosed monkeys they look like they are straight out of Star Wars 

Sixth one is dogs, basic I know but they HAD to be on this list I think dogs are amazing

Seventh is the turtle frog they look like they have been skinned alive and are trying their best not to cry

Eighth one up is red pandas again not explaining further 

Ninth one up gotta be manatees they are so silly

Tenth is definitely cats they are super cool

that’s the list again I’m gonna repeat that this is not in order I just listed animals I like

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where are fluffy cows on this list when we need them.

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I hope fluffy cows go extinct smh

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