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PLEASEEEEE WHY DO I HAVE TO LIKE OLD SMOSH SMMMM IT'S LIKE SO CRINGY AT THIS POINT MY FUCKING SISTER WATCHED IT WHEN SHE WAS MY AGE !!!! GODAMN 14 YEARS AGO HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE???? ok but fr if anyone has like a super cool smosh food battle 2013 shirt i would love to steal it from ya >::::D

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I remember when I was 12 me and my friend had to do a drama thing where we wrote a script and acted it out in front of the class and we just copied a smosh video because what teacher watches smosh

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KHGREUGHJKREH amazing, brilliant, never the same
tho honestly did a similar assignment just with the beep beep I'm a sheep song

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I respect that

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