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why are bands just like that????

okay so like any of the bandom fans in our lord 2023

tell me im crazy but why is it that everytime guys are in a band together or even in different bands they just. amp up the affection??? like crazy???

i just call it the band effect simply because of how often it happens theres too many examples and its not even just stage gay thing (although in some cases it definitely is just stage gay thing) like they keep being extremely affectionate even off-stage?? or go full mclennon where youre not even sure whats going on anymore are they friends are they lovers did they hook up once and thats it???

and its so often the guitarist and the lead singer what is the pattern here why does it happen like that man

i went to a random rock band concert not so long ago to vibe and stuff and the guitarist and lead singer nearly kissed on stage as well and the band isnt even very popular!!! why would they need to do that!!!

maybe being in a band just turns you queer idk

heres some different eras and different bands being sweet nice and very friendly friends as examples

tom delonge hugging mark hoppus from behind during a performancefrerardmclennon looking at each other lovingly over sunsetmiles kane kissing alex turner on his templebojan cvjeticanin looking at kris with softness and lovegay monkees

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