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Spur of the Moment: Interests, Ideas & Favs!! (Changes Often)

✮ The Hobbit / LOTR > I watched the Lord of the Ring and Hobbit trilogy a while ago with my family and got into it for a while, but I've recently fallen back in love with it and am even reading The Hobbit and planning on reading the LOTR trilogy which I am VERY exited for!! You guys have no idea how much I'm holding back my praise for Tolkiens work I could go on for HOURS about this mans writing and his world building AUHDAIHaoUGGGGG!!!!! (I'm also continuing making a lot of the characters in Gacha Club- or more specifically the mod Gacha Plus- which I started back when I first watched the movies so I may post my designs since I'm very happy with them..)

✮ Good Omens > My friend is really into good omens so i've been kinda aware of it for a while but I've been getting pretty into it as of late 👀.. I've even made a playlist for the main ship lol so I'm probably gonna watch it!

✮ UNDERTALE : Writing + Characters > I'm playing UNDERTALE for the first time since elementary school and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I never finished it the first time around (I got stuck at Undyne lol) but I finally beat her and this game DESERVED all the praise it got ITS SO GOOD AAA Play it if you haven't it is incredible and you can just FEEL the love and care put into it!!


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