Peppino's Pizza: A Terrible Pizza Place

Peppino's Pizza was rated one of the worst pizzeria's on Pizza Finder, so I decided to check it out myself. I drove my car to the pizza place, which was next to the demolished castle, as I stumbled into the restaurant, the smell of flesh reeked as the owner, Peppino Spaghetti and his acquaintance, Gustavo greeted me and told me to sit down. The chairs were uncomfortable, there was mold on the walls and what seemed like a giant rat in the kitchen. Gustavo rang me up and told me what to order, I ordered the pepperoni pizza and some garlic bread. He listed it down and went to the kitchen. In the vents was what looks to be eyes as skin was found drooping out of the vents, Gustavo later hitting the vents with a broom and apologized to me about the Thing. The pizza and garlic bread arrived 30 minutes later. The pizza was overcooked and there was a huge bite, probably came from that rat. The garlic bread was no different, it was just a slice of bread with some garlic shavings on it with butter on top. For these 2 things, the price was too expensive! Literally 50$ for almost a whole pizza and a slice of bread! I just finished mostly everything (except for the half eaten pizza) and paid full price, I walked out and saw a guy in a yellow jumpsuit, orange cape and white gloves with a yellow chef hat walking into the store. I got in my car and saw him beating the {@!# out of Peppino and Gustavo. I just left not caring at what just happened. Overall I rate this pizza place a 2/10. Bad service, overpriced meals, giant rat infestation and the smell of rotten flesh ruining my mood.

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