A poem

It is not completely done. I have been rewriting it over and over but I would love some thoughts! but I started it when I was in a psych ward after attempted suicide earlier this year.


There is no future, for this I knew

Looking towards the void

screaming, clawing, crying,

anything, anything, nothing


Envy, Hate, Sorrow, Despair

Adorn my skin; an open wound

there is no suture for this I knew


Like a wounded dog I'd howl for help
Screaming, Clawing, Crying, Everything


A deadly response

Abandoned, Caged, watching life continue


A forsaken observer

Suffocating, drowning, I needed out


Only one escape for this I know

anger, sadness, guilt

burn up on my skin; I sprint towards oblivion


Falling into ash

For this I know


Again its a wip but I have been wanting to share it ~somewhere~
any feedback would be nice ^d^

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