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[PKJ] A Japanese Pokémon Adventure, Part III

Today, I told myself I was going to organize music once more, only to end up in the exact same trap that started all this. I started out today's progress by taking the time to theorycraft my planned team, along with begin to write in a notebook I specifically bought for practicing and doodling Japanese in. Something to look back on, you know ? Plus, we can make fun of my inevitable errors together

Nothing like starting out a notebook with an immediate error, in perfect "me" fashion. As I slowly went through the kana stroke orders and names of each pokemon, each move, I started to pick up on fascinating linguistic details...well, fascinating to me, hence why I enjoy writing about them

For instance, the incredibly grainy を here in そらをとぶ, the W is silent. I know that is "wo", yet the pronounciation guide states it simply as an "o". I thought it was always "wo", but...

No, renshuu says it too, with and learn.

An extremely peaceful morning, slowly scribbling away each pokemon, each move, as I had some music going in the background, so I could burn through some of my backlog I meant to catch up on. My pace at first was so slow, being cautious about stroke order, but gradually picked up as each character's stroke order came very naturally to me, and certain ones needed no hesitation. I spent a long time at one point trying to refine my own handwriting to look half decent, so things like stroke order tickle my brain in a very good way.

Because a team of six could fit on 2 pages, I decided to improvise some lines on the blank side of the notebook, which turned out remarkably well. Questions about intricacies of the writing and pronounciation (yes I spell it like pronounciation, not pronunciation, sue me) system slowed me down more than actually writing anything, like the importance of long vowels with ー, and how りcan be written in one stroke, or two

Good lord かわらわりis a tongue twister...

Intensely satisfying though to have finished. Now, enough writing, let's go burn some more infrastructure !

テキ, go rub this CD on your forehead so we can obliterate any tiny shrubbery in our way

So, this is not a puzzle, this is just trial and error until you're lucky enough. In Gen 3, the first switch is just in one of the trash cans randomly. Once you find it, the second switch will be in one of the cans connected to the first perpendicularly (think like, a D-pad formation).

Naturally, I got this first try, but my condolences go out to anybody unlucky enough to have to waste time on this.

An interesting thing to note; Lt. Surge is called マチス in the Japanese version of the game, with his name being in Katakana because he's an American. Something tells me this is a bit of a skewed name though, as Matis sounds more...French than American, but I'm half French or something, so I suppose I can't judge

The fight was nothing special, テキ swept up to raichu, then ひさ dealt with it's annoying habit of not even attacking, just spamming double team. Maybe it's a good tactic for war, but you're a gym leader, dude...

After a lot of running around, cleaning up battles, nabbing the VS Seeker, HM for Flash and teaching it to をり, grabbing the Old Rod...basically just handling the more boring things behind the scenes, I was ready to try and endure the death march of...

Needs to look up the actual name of this cave...

Rock Tunnel...has it really been that long since I played through this ?

You know, I never made the connection as a child that pokemaniacs could jokingly be referred to as furries. While many would be deterred by this, exploring a cave with a bunch of furries sounds like one of the greatest adventures ever, I would be down

Sadly, they were the only interesting thing in that absolute slog. An area has to be especially tedious to make me skip over trainers, but don't worry, they won't be spared. I'll be back...

These levels are making me nervous for the future grind of the last 3 planned pokemon. But, learning Japanese can also be a grind, so perhaps it's fitting.

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