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✩ some AWESOME Pokemon facts >_< !!

A bunch of growlithes eating pecha berries!

Hiiii everybody :33 I thought I'd share some cool and quick stuff!!

+ Pokemon were maybe people at some point??

Probably not, but according to old Sinnoh folklore, there was some point when Pokemon and people couldn't be told apart! Furthermore, it was talked about how Pokemon apparently may had shed their skin to appear as human.

+ Alolan Dugtrios are worshipped!

Remember the stupid little guy who sticks his head out of the ground and kinda looks like a mole?? YEAH, well apparently their evolution in Alola is worshipped! Their seen as deities of the land incarnate and are extensively cared for quite luxuriously [ probably why their hair is so nice lol ].

+ Pokeballs were created in JOHTO! But Sinnohs cool with them also :)

We get a lot of lore about Pokemon from Legends of Arceus, seeing as it literally takes you back in time to when pokeballs were first created. I was a bit confused upon learning this for a sec because I assumed they originated in Sinnoh? But of course, people can travel and bring new things over. Thats likely what happened! But the materials used to create the first pokeballs most definitely originated in Sinnoh because they were made of apricorns, which are native to Sinnoh. A thing I thought was neat to: the first pokeballs used a firework mechanism to function!

+ Tentacool Is.. water??

Literally. The squid Pokemon, tentacool, according to its Pokédex is 99% water and 1% an organ that produces poison. o_o ?? google this thing its weird!!! how!!!

+ Mewtwo has a BIRTHDAY :D !

This isn't all that surprising considering Mewtwo was a single artificially created legendary, but I'd never thought of it before! Mewtwos birthday is February 6th :3 

+ Gothia, Gothorita, and Gothitelle were based on Lolita fashion, and inspired a whole new genre of it!

This one is SUPER awesome to me. This Pokemon evolution line [ which ill just refer only to Gothitelle ] was based on gothic lolita fashion, which shouldn't be to hard to put together when looking at the fashion and the design of the pokemon :33 but what's even MORE awesome is Gothitelle inspired Elegant-gothic lolita! It seriously did build the sub-genre to my knowledge, and I think thats sick X3 ! 

+ People used to much more avidly worship legendaries, and there'd be conflicts over "who's the real god" between groups [ as per the average nature of religion LOL /lh ]

I can only really speak on the Sinnoh region here as we get the most insight into this fact in Legends of Arceus [ which takes place in Sinnoh ], but way way long ago when Sinnoh was called Hisui there were two very religious clans [[ named clan pearl and clan diamond LOL ]] that just couldn't get along for the life of them because they couldn't agree on the nature of their shared god "Sinnoh." Both these clans were under the belief that Sinnoh was a god like Arceus, but they didn't actually know about Arceus at all yet! Who clan Pearl assumed to be Sinnoh was actually Palkia, and who clan Diamond assumed to be Sinnoh was Dialga respectively. It makes a lot of sense honestly, and I really like this kind of stuff bc this WAS during a time without technology and when people knew next to nothing about Pokemon, and in which case furthermore...

+ Pokemon used to be treated by humanity as the terrifying monsters they seriously are o_O

A part of me wishes this was the case because this idea of the entire Pokemon population not being so easily domesticated and acting as an actual threat to humanity is SOO interesting and i'm SO glad we got Legends of Arceus for that!!! If you've played it, this isn't news to you, nor is the previous fact lol, but seriously, humanity used to be scared shitless of Pokemon and thats awesome. Going outside was just significantly more dangerous because you didn't know whether or not a giant flaming horse would charge at you and burn you to a crisp!!! As a whole Pokemon are scary in so many ways and people in modern day Pokemon don't know how good they have it LOL. Once the Pokeball was invented and Pokemon were more avidly studied upon being able to be domesticated, the fear chilled out because suddenly humans were all buddy buddy with these guys and every animal in the world was now their personal pet! But still... go back to the good old days just one more time Nintendo....... when Pokemon could actually KILL YOU and EAT YOU.

Ok but thats all :] thanks for reading <3

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