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if i could be an animal it’d be a pigeon cus pigeons get to fly around and can live anywhere they want whether it’s a really pretty place in nature or the city, and they get to live off of bread people feed them. also, they’re not as intelligent as people so they shouldn’t have as many worries and problems. they also don’t go to war. if everyone were pigeons the world would be a better place cus we wouldn’t be polluting the earth and we could fly around freely and we wouldn’t be harming anyone. ik earlier i said it’d be cool to be a pigeon cus u could fly around the city with ppl feeding u bread so if everyone were pigeons there would be no bread or cities, but that’s ok cus pigeons can survive on other foods too. pigeons aren’t even dumb, they’re still intelligent enough to recognize symbols and letter and themselves and other pigeons. they’re smart enough i think. also i just googled that pigeons do actually have emotions and can be depressed but i feel like its uncommon and can be fixed easily, especially wild pigeons cus they live in the wild so they have better things to do than sit around and mope. also what if we were a breed of pigeons that were all the same gender so religion and homosexuality and stuff wouldn’t matter cus basically we’d all be homos by nature. also i’m an ipad kid

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