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HAI EVERYNYAN!!!!! sorry for being a ghost on here :(((

I'm just loaded up with sm work rn but after this month I'm p sure I'm free completely!!! so excited to get over with exams, I always screw them up anywayz...

Im finally watching spiderverse this weekend!!!!!!!! I loved spiderman even since I walked the foots of western culture (basically really young) so I'm sooo excited to be seeing this movie, and miles is one of my favourite spider people :D (however I'm a peter parker 4lifer!!!!!!) (and silk. i heart cindy moon with my whole heart)

I also have volunteer hours I have to get over with ahdhaaaaajhaa so busy this week, I'm aiming to finish all my important projects so I can finally start studying wish me luck and see u in a while!!! :D

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