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abt me

Name: richie
Pronouns: he/him
Dream Job: marine biologist/mechanic
Pet Peeve: idk ppl w out human decency 
Morning or Night person: it depends; i like both a lot
Eye color: greyish greenish (sometimes blue?)
Fav song: maybe come as you are(nirvana) or bigwar(lil darkie), idk i like a lot of songs
Fav Holiday: christmas
Pets?: 2 cats, and a guinea pig
Where I'm from: america
Fav Colour: red
Fav Class: cooking or PE
Fav Shoe Brand: DC or jordans
What superpower would you want?: mind reading or shapeshifting
Fav Ice cream: chocolate
Do you get jealous?: yes LMAO
Single or Taken: taken 
Fav Music Artist/ Band: nirvana, KoRn, system of a down, lil darkie, etc
Birthday?: feb 18th
Crush?: ryan reynolds 

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