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Jennette McCurdy

 I mentioned Jenette McCurdy in my last blog and it brings up even more of the countless issues there are for child actors. Jennette made a memoir last year called I’m Glad My Mom Died where she recounts how she was forced into acting by her mom when she really didn’t want to be an actor, Jennette wanted to be a writer but wasn’t allowed because, “Writers get fat”. She was thrusted into pursuing something she didn’t care for and was put in an abusive workspace because of that. She was a lead actress on Sam And Kat alongside a lead actress on ICarly at a young age in which she was subjected to the horrors that were working with Dan Schneider which I detailed before.

  The mistreatment and the hell that was being in the child acting industry doesn’t just stop there either. When Jennette got older she recalled that it was getting harder and harder to land child roles, her mom not wanting her to start losing out on roles. Taught her one of the worst things that a kid can go through, self induced eating disorders. Jennette’s mom taught her to cut calories in order to stay small and thin in order to help her keep getting younger kid roles
Needless to say this is just despicable behaviour since an eating disorder like that is really physically damaging and mentally damaging for a kid so young.

It’s really hard to hear about all the mistreatment and exploitative things Jennette McCurdy went through starting at such a young age. The Child acting practices that are used, especially and female kid actresses are really fucked up, especially considering that these kids aren’t able to do much about it. Being shoved into this stuff at a young age means they can barely even think for themselves at their age and there's a chance they won’t even realize that what’s happening to them is so despicable since it might be all they know since they haven’t existed as people long enough to gain experience and know what it’s like to not be used and exploited depending on just how young they are, and Jennette McCurdy is a prime example of all the terrible and gross things that child actors are put through not just by people in the industry, but the people that put the in the industry in the first place.

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Marco S.

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The effects of the entertainment industry on child actors is a conversation that needs to be started and THIS is why. Jennette McCurdy is a prime example of what being set up for failure not just by her higher ups in the industry, but also narcissistic parenting, looks like. To not only be used as an object of fetishization and tool to fulfill sexual desires by adults in her life like Schnieder but also forced to comply with the sexualization of female actors by her own mother is an absolutely gruesome thing to think about. It's honestly disturbing to watch her acting now knowing that, during the time of filming, she was experiencing such abuse. I applaud Jennette for coming out about just how horrifying it was to endure, and hopefully it forces more conversation about not only Schneider's effects on his child stars, but also other studios and executives who were abusive to their underage actors.

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I'm not a fast reader, but I finished I'm Glad My Mom Died in a single day. What Jennette went through was terrible. But I'm glad that she's been able to find success in her own projects. I saw that she's gonna be releasing a fiction novel in 2024 or so? I'm definitely gonna get it.

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sorry im hella late, but i had no idea she was writing her own novel, thats sick as hell. Ill have to look out for it

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