WHATZ YOUR FAV ENERGY DRINK?!?!!!;!!!!!?! (≧▽≦)!??!?!

Hey guiz!! (ㆁωㆁ) WHATZ UR FAV ENERGY DRINK???!! my favs is black energy wild strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (β™‘Ο‰β™‘ ) ~β™ͺ ANYWAIZ I HAVE PERFUME THAT SMELLZ LIKE IT AND ITZ HELLO KITTY!!! I BOUGHT IT IN BIEDRONKA WHICH IS KIND OF A POLISH MEME x33!!Β Black energy strawberry xPPheres my favorite energy drink ^^ did chu eva try it?? And what's your dav us it tiger monster energy or a redbull or smth elsee? ^v^

perfumezz x3

ANYWAYZZ HERES MY HELLO KITTY PERFUMEE!! it smells rlly similar!! There also was a Pusheen vanilla one :3

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I don't drink energy drinks but I rlly like magnesium B3

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Omg i also love magnesium

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Burn with apple & kiwi. THAT'S A RUSSIAN THING!! :D Also, kinda weird what package is green with black, but da drink itself is blue. o_0

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