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About me n stuff ☆⭐︎

"> I just wanted to put some more info about me since I’m going to be more active here! 

(I check my page every week or so!)

☆I’m using this site to make friends and share my artwork occasionally!! Shoot me a DM if you’d like! Either here or Discord is fine!!

I’m a bit shy when first interacting so please bear with me, but I’d really love to make more friends!!

☆I apologize if I come off too strong, I just get very excited when talking to new people(feel free to tell me to calm down /srs it won't hurt my feelings) 

☆I also appear quiet at first, mostly bc I don't want to ‘scare’ anyone off HAHA

☆I’d appreciate if you’d use tonetags when needed, plz and thank u :)

☆ I post a lot of random shit in bulletins just FYI 

ALSO, I dont really have a DNI I just block ppl I dont like,,

ANND that's pretty much all I wanted to add :p

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