I can make cool things 2, yknow

whaddup ppl, how ya day been?

if you ever want a bomb bowl of ramen, i've got a recipe for u

get urself ur favorite instant ramen, whatever it may be, and once you get it all hot and steamy put it in a bowl with a slice of american cheese, your favorite hot sauce (i chose picante) and a fried egg with a little bit of runny yolk

im tellin ya, its amazing

anywho, i stayed up til 1 am yesterday bc i decided to be creative late at night and make my own black bat rosary

that shit took over 3 hours and a lot of run throughs of listening to patd, including some episodes of better call saul

i didnt completely finish it yet, but I just need to link it together and then it'll be done. so excited for that honestly it looks rlly cool. 

lmk if u want pics 4 when its done!!

that's all for now folks, buh-bye

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I'm trying this

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as you should, its delish (^_^)

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