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found a miniso!!!!

i've been desperately searching for a miniso store since i learned what they were. for anyone who doesn't know, it's a japanese goods store that specifically focuses on cute things, including a LOT of sanrio. they also seem to understand, unlike sanrio themselves, how incredibly popular cinnamoroll is! so they have cinnamoroll products all the time.

i hadn't been able to find one close by--the nearest one i could find on maps was in a mall that was like an hour and a half away and 3 buses by public transport. i've been very annoyed by it and trying to figure out a more convenient way to get there.

this last weekend, ren (my boyfriend) and i just happened to go to a Different mall that was closer (albeit still an hour on public transit, but it was a much easier ride!). we were walking around inside and i looked up. i saw the miniso logo. i blinked and shook my head like a cartoon character, trying to make sure i was actually seeing what i was seeing. i was. i gasped and grabbed ren's arm and just pointed. as soon as he knew what was going on, i started running.

i spent a very happy 20 minutes or so browsing around the small store, overwhelmed with happiness and all of the cinnamoroll. i ended up getting a very cute cinnamoroll cup, a blind box which turned out to be cinnamoroll on a slide, a cinnamoroll fridge magnet, and a cinnamoroll head plushie to put on our gamer chair. they're all amazing. (i also happened to find some very cute cinnamoroll bracelets at hot topic which of Course i grabbed).

overwhelmed with joy and cinnamoroll love. <3

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