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Need friends who'll be active here on spacehey

it's now summer so im looking for someone here in spacehey who's a minor since im also a minor and will be active here in spacehey

I love indie music and i just go with the flow to jokes yet i dont like suicidal jokes (things like "haha i wish i could k*ll myself", bro that aint joke) i also talk about dirty stuff sometimes (im just saying this so anyone who will talk to me is also comfortable of this) and i need someone who's talkative like me:> sorry if there r times i might not understand what you said because english isnt my first language (english is spoken a lot in my country yet im not fluent because of laziness which i regret so much now)

if im in a bad mood i might be mean or i will just send a dot that means im not in the mood:> 

ps: if you late respond my message for like 4 days or 1 week more atleast inform me that you're busy because i feel like im ignored if you wont inform me which makes me overthink that what i said to you might be the reason ur avoiding me (┬┬﹏┬┬) and my blog look so messy because idk how to construct words properly😓

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