a dream

i had a dream where my friend aubrey from 7th grade invited me to her birthday party and there was pizza and we weren't at her house (i assume) cause there was this giant pool-like thing with, like, tiles, and after i had a slice of pizza (square) i went up to climb on top of it (the pool thingy) cause i thought it would be cool to climb, and i was talking to some of the other people there about some shit i don't remember and they were playing really loud and innapropriate rap music which in theory would be cool, except one of our teachers was there or an adult from school or something. also people were running around outside the pool and talking really loudly. at some point for some reason the water turned brown or something and the teacher adult lady whatever occupation she had went and drained it and turned the water back on cause there was like a water knob. then she climbed on top of the thingy and sat down next to me and we started talking about something (i dont really remember what) but neither of us wanted to swim cause i dont have the body for that and the teacher adult lady i guess just didnt like swimming. then they started playing EDM and like 4 other classmates came up and climbed on top of the thing so it was like 6 people in a row up there from left to right, me being 5th on the right side. the girl next to me started talking to me about something and addressed everyone asking what was playing and one girl and me were like "EDM" cause they were playing EDM and she was like "oh Ok". then, like a group of people came out in swimwear so i guess that's where all the other people were. the girl next to me asked me if i was going to swim and i said no, with the same reason i told the adult teacher lady whatever she is, I don't have the body for swimming. irl i dont even have swim trunks or a bikini or anything¬†😭. (wtf would i even wear in a pool? bikini top and swim shorts??) ((who does that??)) (((probably not normal people but idk i haven't "swum" in, like, 4 years))). she said "that's cool" or something along those lines, completely unironically and not sarcastically. like, 100% genuinely. (as far as i could tell). there was some pink haired girl and she had like... green dragonfly wings on her back?? and she was flying toward the pool thingy to sit down and she had on this weird blue and white thingy... like.. it had layers.. how do you describe it... i'll try to draw the things from my dream later today, i guess. and she had different pairs of those long sock thingies on, one of them was like trans on her right leg (left from my POV) and the one on her left leg was something i dont remember but it was mostly black. i think the adult teacher lady said one more thing but then i woke up.¬†

am i going insane

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in turkey, when ppl have weird ass dreams like this we say "you forgot to cover your ass with a blanket." so yeah, buy a good blanket babe<3

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my ass probably wasn't covered so that makes sense

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