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Premonition of Silver Wolf

Today marks the last day of Jing Yuan's banner in Honkai Star Rail... Though I found myself with the great fortune of pulling him before it was too late, his thunderous arrival came at no small cost - over 100 total pulls, and a failed 50/50... While both his immaculate design and captivating gameplay leave little room for desire, the thirst to gamble gnaws at my ephemeral soul as the blistering heat of a scarlet sun melts away a sheet of azure ice - my will-power, it is gradually diminished by the sands of time, and I find myself gripping my other hand so tightly that it may lose circulation as it strains to reach for my wallet at the introduction of a new gacha character... In particular, Silver Wolf, the gaming, hacking mastermind and enabler of mono-element teams catches my interest greatly... However, her presence is ill-timed, as it comes right before my two most desired characters' banners, Luocha, and Blade... Kuh... This situation is most precarious indeed...

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