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Furality Days 2 & 3


This was a very chill day. I spent the beginning of the day doing stuff IRL. Along the way, I went to Burger King and got the Spiderverse Burger. It was yummy. Then I went to the pharmacy and did some of my usual medical stuff.

I kinda just dicked around. My friends and I broke out of bounds and ended up jumping into the volcano of the lobby. Took forever and had no collision, but I was entertained.

VRChat screenshot of a volcano in the distance.

Then I watched the panel that was basically some behind the scenes Furality stuff, which was really interesting. It’s crazy that they’re seemingly doing a lot of this tech stuff while in game? They have like, this little control room full of controls and it’s like. Man. That’s bonkers right? That they’re running around doing all this stuff in the game itself?

Then the community showcase! Definitely the highlight of the con in terms of things to watch. It’s always full of such beautiful and impressive works, as well as an infinite amount of memes. It’s so fun to watch these things and catch all of the furry and vrchat community’s inside jokes.

I ended up staying up til 2 a.m. playing Uno and towards the end I felt the same way I did when I tried to play spades while drunk.


Started off with Physbones and Beyond, a Guide to Features Obscure by Happyrobot33, which was interesting to say the least. I feel like Happyrobot33 was the devil handing me the forbidden fruit. Buddy, you should not have told me that I could potentially run Doom on my avatar. And transferring data between avatars, what the hell was I even watching? I’m so inspired.

I’ve made an entire list of edits that I want to make to my own avatar. There’s so much fun shit I can do, so many upgrades I can make! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my avatar, I can’t wait to show off what more I could potentially do! Everyone loves how long and scrungley Aroo is <3 And god I want VR so bad. That’s my next big goal, man.

I tagged along with my friend to the nardodragon and fluffy dragon meet-up despite not having any avatars like that because IDK I’m an emotional support alien. Somehow we ended up… Stacking nargacuga-taurs! Chaos ensued.

VRChat screenshot of black and red dragon-like centaur creatures stacked on top of each other.

Made more friends and played more games. Lots of Amogus. Watched some other panels. Then went to the trans and nonbinary meet-up. Kinda didn’t need a meet-up to find trans people at Furality, everyone’s got flags in their profile to show that trans people are all around! In fact, I was taught how to get a flag in my header in this instance! :3 Had a lot of fun and made even more friends here.

VRChat screenshot of multiple anthropomorphic characters standing together and posing for a photo.

We went a bit out of bounds for this pic oopsie.

For the charity auction and closing ceremony, a friend made a private instance and invited people to it. It felt so… Cool! To be part of this group of friends! To look around and see the instance full of faces new and familiar. People that I know outside of VRChat, people that I know only on VRChat, friends of friends, people that I met last year and re-convened with, people I just met during the trans meet-up, their friends and the friends of their friends!!

The closing ceremony was postponed by a long fucking time. But we entertained ourselves!

VRChat screenshot of a large dragon collapsed on the ground. Another character is crouched near it. A black is twerking on stage. A raccoon, black dragon centaur, and a wolf furry stand off to the side.VRChat screenshot of a large black dragon crouching and looking down at a stage with many characters on it. There's a dancing cat, tails from sonic, a pixel mario, a witch-like character, a blue dragon, a racoon, a minecraft fox, a catgirl in timbs, and a wolf furry.VRChat screenshot of many furry characters laying on the floor together.

Closing ceremonies came and went with much hype over the stats. 15,160 attendees. Officially the biggest furcon!

The con raised money for Equality Florida Institute, Inc. $10,870 from donations, plus another $6,900 from the charity auction!

I was tired as hell, but I stayed up a bit longer to end the night with watching the fireworks show.

VRChat screenshot of a fireworks show. I'm so sleeby good bye snzzzz snorrrk mimimimi snoooorrrrrk mimimimimi

Morning edit: I love you furry fandom I love furries I love having this space where I actually feel welcomed. Furries are like the perfect intersection of art and LGBT+ stuff and it's the one place where I truly feel like I can be myself and I can't wait for future cons to meet up with more friends and have even more fun.

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It often feels like the furry community "broke" me in a sense with just how much more I seemed to click with it both in the beginning, and much further over time, to a point now where interacting with people who don't "get it" just feels like I'm putting on an act for them.

I really gotta book that hotel room for Megaplex 2023 already...

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I feel that way too but more in the sense of being online. After spending years on tumblr and discord I've been ruined and can't interact with typical humans I'm like Gollum over here.

Also mood in a way. I have my Anthrocon hotel room booked but I still haven't actually registered for the con itself oopz

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