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SCI-FI FANS!!! Have y'all read this series?? (recommendation/question)

Hey everyone I have a question or just a recommendation for a book series that I've recently decided to pick up. It was recommended to me by my anthropology professor who I LOVE cause he's awesome. He recommended it to me after we talked about star wars, H.P Lovecraft, and star trek in their socio economic context (it was during class so it had to be in that context lol).

Anyways the book series is called Remembrance of Earth Past and its super cool! I'm pretty sure it's becoming a Netflix series so if your a secret hipster who likes to say you liked it before it was a series, here you go! I'm only on the first book but its pretty good so far. I won't be sharing much as I myself don't know that much. However if your feeling silly and just wanna pick up a book, this is my contribution to that hypothetical journey I am saying that your on.

It's super different then other sci-fi as its written from the perspective of China by a chinese author so its definitely a worthwhile and different read to the western sci-fi most people are familiar with. The translations are a bit messy so mind that and take your time to read it. Its a super interesting concept.

I'm pretty sure this series is really popular but I hadn't heard of it before so I just wanted to share to anyone else who hasn't heard about it either. I'll probably make another bog post about it when I'm done to et y'all know how the first book was.

Little warning though, it can be quite gruesome at times for those not comfortable with more heavy themes.

Happy Reading!

PS I don't know why the title to this sounds like a rip of ad but I don't know what to title it so...

EDIT: For those trying to look up the series, it's "Remembrance of Earths Past" by Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu)

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gaz ☆

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yes! i read the three body problem a couple years ago, really enjoyed it. i'm really curious to see what the netflix adaptation will be like!

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I know!! I hope it's good 3

by p4p4; ; Report

Also have u read the other books in the series? I havent heard anything about them

by p4p4; ; Report

no i have not, i really enjoyed the first but didn't pick up the others 'cause i got a bit frustrated with the length + my friend told me the treatment of women in the second book wasn't very good :'( also if i remember correctly the other books have a different cast of characters which made me less interested. hbu, i take it not yet?

by gaz ☆; ; Report

oh that sucks to hear :( im still in the middle of the first book so im not sure if ill be picking it up either

by p4p4; ; Report