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Death Note Fanfic :p

Misa rolled out of the bed, hugging her pillow. She couldn’t sleep, and she decided to make that Light’s problem as well.

She tiptoed too his room, and opened it, poking his face as he slept.

“Light. Light. I can’t sleep.”
“Hm-? Then go back to your bed..”
“No- I wanna sleep in your bed!”
“Cause! It’ll be like a sleepover. I don’t even kick in my sleep that much.”

He slid over, and held his covers up for her too slide under. She happily laid her pillow down and laid next too him, wide eyed.

“Okay. Go too sleep.”
“Wait, okay, but first, have you even played never have I ever?”
“Misa, it’s 12:45.”
“Okay. But have you?”
“Do you wanna?”

She huffed and turned away, groaning. She wrapped herself in the blanket, leaving the other side bare.

“Misa, you have all the blanket.”
“You took the blankets.”
“Hm? I can’t hear you?”
“Fine. I’ll play your game.”

She flung the blanket over his head, and sat up.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go fir-“

There was a faint knock at the door, From the third member of the goof troop.

“I heard talking.”
“Oh, Hi! Cmere, we’re gonna play never have I ever!”
“Oh. Okay.” He smiled gently, and crawled onto the bed, sitting by Light’s feet.

“Yay! This is like a sleepover!”
“This is going too break my bed.”
“Shush- it’s my turn! Okay, never have I ever…broken a bone!”

“That’s how you play? Then no. I haven’t.” Light remarked, going along with their game.
“Neither have I. Misa?”
“Nope! Okay, Light you can go.”


He gave her a quizzical look, sitting up too alleviate the crick in his neck. He thought for a moment, giving a less than practiced smirk.

“Alright. Never have I ever..gone too a party I wasn’t invited too.”
“Ppft- I don’t see you going too a lot of parties.”
“Answer the question, Misa.”
“Okay, fine! I have!”
“I haven’t.” L remarked, pulling a snack cake from his pocket.

“Why’d you have that in your pockets? And don’t eat in my bed- have you no house training?”
“Awh, c’mon! That’s normal sleepover stuff.”
“Sleepovers are gross, then. And who said this was a sleepover?”
“I did!”
“Well, I can’t disagree.” L said, snickering at her boldness.

“So, I guess that means it’s Ryuzaki’s turn?”
“Mhm! Go on!”
“Oh..Well. Never have I ever..watched an entire television show in a day.”
“Hey, that’s a targeted attack!” Misa pouted, crossing her arms.
“I’ll take that as a yes. Light?”
“I have never.”


He turned too Misa, who still had a faint pout. She grabbed her Pillow and flopped down near the foot of the bed, her mood suddenly swiping back too being overly excited.

“Okay! So- never have I ever used someone’s toothbrush.”
“Ew- Misa, that’s gross.” Light remarked, grimacing.
“Answer it!”
“I haven’t.”
“Neither have I. Misa, who’s toothbrush was it?”
“Well I’ve never done it! I just thought it was funny!”
“It was mine wasn’t it?” Light chuckled, mostly looking too tease her.

L smirked, looking at Light. Their eyes met for a moment, a single awkward moment. L’s stare was cool and unmoving, not flinching away. Light was the opposite. His eyes shifted as the possibilities of what the other *could* be thinking.


A trickle of heat ran down the back of his neck, as the tried too keep a stable poker face. He snapped away too look at Misa, rubbing her eyes vigorously. She yawned, resting her head on L’s leg.

“I’m tired now.”
“That quickly?”
“It’s in character for her.”

Light shrugged, nodding. Misa sluggishly slid off the bed, and gathered her things.

“I’m going too my bed. Yours is too small.”
“Goodnight, Misa Amane.”
“Yeah, night.”

She slugged off, and curled up in her own bed. Now it was just L and Light. They sat in awkward silence, the light off the moon, tucked in my clouds shining on L’s face.

“You don’t seem very familiar with sleepovers.”
“What? Oh, no. Not really. I had a few, but it’s been years.”
“I see.” He played with his lip, in his classic fashion. He rested his chin on his knees, looking around lights room. Just as he left it.


“So, did you?”
“Oh, no. I didn’t.”
“Hm..Okay. So this is like your first sleepover?”
“…I suppose so. Would you say that?”
“I mean..I guess so.”
“Then, that’s a yes.”

L stood up, and sat down in the middle of the floor, the light from the window framing his face and casting a shadow on the wall behind him. The silence crept into the exact territory Light refused beforehand. Comfortable. There was a comfortable silence between both of these enemies.

“…Hey, Ryuzaki?”
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes. I just enjoy the light. You should try it.”


He slid off the bed, and sat next too L. Their shadows casted on the wall like paintings. Statues. The only sound was their shallow breaths, and creaking floorboards as Light got himself situated.

“Hm. I guess this is pretty nice.”
Light commented, as L stared out the window.

He pointed too the sky, past the moon, past the clouds.

“That’s Ursa Major. The bear.”
“Oh, yeah. Huh, I’ve never seen it so close.”

Light had sifted closer, their faces almost touching. The hairs stood up on the back off Lights neck, as his arm rested against L’s. His skin was cold, frigid. Like a stone.

“That’s Orion. The hunter.”
He said, shifting his hand too point at another cluster of stars.
“Yknow..I’ve never been able too see all the stuff people say they’re supposed to look like.”
“It takes perspective. Come here.”

He stood up and prodded Light too sit where he did. He pointed too the cluster again, too refresh him.

“Oh..I guess it looks a little different.”
“I find it interesting.”
“Yeah..it is. Do you believe in astrology?”
“No. I think it’s incredibly silly. But, I can understand the allure. Do you?”
“Heh..no. I just never got interested. Misa is interested, though. But that is kind of up her alley.”
“Hm. It does.”

He sat down, and rested his chin on his knees. Light’s brow furrowed, as he looked at L.

“Hey. How come you know these stars by memory?”
“I stay up late. So I had too fill time.”
“Oh, that’s really smart.”
“…Thank you.”

He pointed up too another star, sitting close too the plump moon.

“Cygnus. The swan..I enjoy this one the most. It’s tragic.”
“Hmm..? Why?” He asked, his eyes blinking closed, his head resting on his fist.
“Swans can die of a broken heart. If that is not tragic, than what is?”
“…oh. Yeah, that is really sad..”


Lights slumped forward, barley listening too L speaking. His low Stoney voice acting like a lullaby. He gave half murmured replies, as L continued on about swans and tragedy. For just a moment, he relaxed. For just one, small moment, after months, he relaxed.

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