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life snippet to compensate my inactivity

hello to my spacehey mutuals, i didnt realise how dead ive been until now but hey i live! life has been keeping me busy but now with summer coming up my schedule has been clearing up. i dont really know what to post on here, but some of you seem cool and i want to interact.. just dont really know how to. sorry abt that.. ;;

since this is simply a post abt my life, ill go on a tiny ramble abt a occurrence that recently happened that my brain keeps fixating on. basically i have this friends i sorta like and i talk to him abt my interests a lot. yesterday i saw him listening to love from the other side by fob and i havent brought up fob to him in a hot minute so i kinda like. freaked out /pos. he listened to fob willingly and it was a song i talked to him abt back in like. february too. its roaming in my mind and its just. oh my god! wow! yknow. 

hope that snippet was a nice read. ive been reading some of your guys' posts and some of you are living your best lives and i wanna say i am cheering you silently on the side. thats all, hopefully ill post a bit more when i can?

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