Vtuber Fandom: about the use of censorships when tweeting about your oshis

I've been in the fandom for quite a while now(I joined mid-2021 I think?) and have always censored their names when tweeting about them. I think one of the several reasons why peoplecensor their names when tweeting is: 

  • prevents their account from being found out when said oshi does an egosa 
  • censorship names for when posting nsfw fanart or just sensitive material in general. 
  • They just don't want to be perceived and imo enforces the streamer-fan boundary 
I have the same reasons too but its mainly the fear of being suddenly put on blast and have your oshi just acknowledge your existence. I have been recognized and have been referenced quitw a few times on their streams but it was when I knowingly name-dropped them. And frankly enough, i don't like being recognized nor have their attention on me. It's nerve wracking. And believe me when I tell you guys, they have lists of their fave fans in a private list on their twitter lmao. So if you think you are safe by just censoring their name, no you don't. 

I think there should be a term for not wanting to be recognized by your idol. I get a whole existential crisis lmao. Like I went to a BTS fanmeet before and they just waved at me and after that I realized that I'm much better admiring them from afar than up close. Idk man it might be the avoidant attachment style or sth. But yeah rambles~ teehee

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