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5 things i want to do this summer!

Now We are suddenly in june, is it just me or does it still feel like were supposed to be in may? this spring has been so slow, and it never really felt like it was spring. the spring has suddenly come these two last weeks, it snowed here in early may, so it felt like it would never become spring. so that's something.

anyways, now were in the first month of summer and this is my favourite time of year since i finish school and i have time to do what i want. because i feel like when june comes there is this feeling of summer that emerges over us. so i have come up with some things i want to do this summer.

-bathe and sunbathe

i have already done this, since im on the regular with bathing all year round, except november and december, but i start in january with some ice bathing, but now i can finally bathe and then sunbathe so i can get a good tan!

-knitting/sewing a couple of summer garments

i have been dying to reuse some really cute fabric that i got from a vintage store, and i have a plan in mind to make a top and some shorts as a matching set. and i am doing this really cute project rn where i sew these toiletry bags with some fabric with really cute and cool fabric on

-go for walks 

Been a straight up a really big couch potato recently, and i feel like i need to get out more, so that is also one goal i want to pursue.

-experience alot

i want to go out with friends alot, eat good food, go to festivals, and big cities, cute flea markets that are beeing arranged every second sunday, in my local town.

-go to concerts!!!

so exited for a big concert in the capital in like 3 weeks!! eeekk so exited

So that is some of the things i want to do this summer!!!

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Ohhh hopefully you post ur new knitting projects on here! I’ve tried knitting before but found it so difficult so kudos to you. I hope you have an amazing summer. All of those things sound very relaxing and funny <3

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