full moon in sagittarius <33

hiii, today there's gonna be a full moon in sagittarius so i wanted to share what you can do on this magical day xx

sagittarius, a zodiac sign ruled by jupiter, symbolizes exploration, expansion, and a thirst for knowledge. the full moon amplifies these qualities, urging us to seek truth and broaden our horizons.

it encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace new experiences with an open mind.

journal prompts

  • do i feel like i have a sense of purpose in the world? 
  • who is it important to share my truth with?
  • what risks have i taken so far this year and what have i learned from them?
  • when i envision my dream life, this is how it looks and feels…
  • where am i on the emotional guidance scale?
  • what can i do to raise my vibration and experience more joy in my life?
  • what would i like to learn about more?
  • how can i bring more adventure in my life?

these are questions to answer in your journal to fully embrace this moon.


  • i wholeheartedly embrace expansion and welcome abundant opportunities into my life.

  • i am open to receiving and embodying the profound wisdom of the universe.

  • i release limiting beliefs and embrace new perspectives with joy and enthusiasm.

  • i fearlessly embark on thrilling adventures, embracing the unknown and trusting in the journey.

  • i am a divine being of light, constantly growing, learning, and evolving.

  • i align my actions with my highest truth and integrity, creating a life of purpose and authenticity.

  • i trust in my inner guidance to lead me toward truth and enlightenment.

  • i choose joy, optimism, and gratitude as the guiding forces of my life.


create a sacred space with candles or build a small bonfire outside. on a piece of paper, write down any limiting beliefs or fears that no longer serve you. read them aloud, acknowledging their hold on you. if you can, safely burn the paper, symbolically releasing these limiting beliefs and making room for new possibilities. 

immerse yourself in nature. go for a hike or a walk. allow the natural beauty around you to inspire adventure and exploration. as you move, reflect on the insights and revelations that come to you.

create a calm and peaceful space in your home. sit comfortably and close your eyes. take deep breaths, allowing the energy of the full moon to envelop you. reflect on the journal prompts and affirmations, letting your thoughts and emotions flow freely. listen to your inner voice and trust the guidance that arises.

there are some crystals that are helpful to use in the fool moon, like clear quartz, moonstone, or simply a black crystal like black tourmaline or obsidian. for the full moon in sagittarius you can use aventurine, smoky quartz, lapislazuli or labradorite.

another ritual you can do is to write on a letter all your dreams, your ideal life: how it looks like, the sounds, the smells, using the present. then fill a jar with water, put it on the letter and leave it in a place under the moonlight, letting the water absorb the light. in the morning drink the water infused with your dreams <3

hope u enjoy xx

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