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I love gender sm it's so silly. like yeah yeah sure whatever you can be a woman, but how about catnip? outerspace? an endless void? the feeling you get when you chew that candy that makes the side of your cheeks tingly? literally a dinosaur? the ocean breeze... ~~~

gender is anything you want it to be. and that's oki! it's a social construct, so whatever the 'social' decides it will be, it is. 

you rock! 


a red stuffed animal duck gif that claps its wings together and dances

p.s. xenogenders are a painful struggle and yet super awesomez. you be you budsters!

p.p.s.. if anyone wants to know my gender is a slightly stormy day near a rocky cliff at the beach 🌫

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this.......... also u described ur gender so well i can like. taste it

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this is the greatest thing i ever could have seen

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fhjdhfjsdhfjdheskjd thank yu

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You are a very funky little dude and that’s awesome! Hell yeah radiate that positivity!>u<
(Dude as in general neutral)

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gahhh thank you /gen

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