My dni and thin ice list


Pro-shippers. (Y’all are disgusting and need some mental health!!)

Racists ppl (seriously wtf is wrong with you.)

 Homophobic ppl (Nobody cares about your opinions nobody cares you hate lgbtq+ and i can go further into detail about what you are but i'm not)

People who lie about their race!!And rcta idc get out now

Comshippers please leave now

People who romanticize rape,pedophile,abusive relationships,etc(GO NOW)

Really toxic people (srs)

people who says slurs they can’t reclaim (idc if you think its “chronically online fuck off”

          DSMP FANS (thin ice since my friend is one)

ybc likers/fans (i'll block you and gtfo)

ablest people (Fuck off ) 

labrys lesbians (gtfo)

People who don’t respect boundaries (LEAVE NOW)

People who fake mental illness or thinks it quirky (no words will describe my hate for you)

People who make fun of people begin young on the internet or won’t let a young people have a opinion  (Personal experience)

Feminist that think feminism is woman>men when feminism is women=men 

People who vent to me without permission 

People who think all because i don’t text back fast sometimes that i’m rude

People who think i own them something

People who are just rude and won’t let others to have a opinion 

People who make dark humor jokes when i’m not close with them

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