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June 2023

heyyy (3 y's so you know it's slutty)

i bought a car! my very own, with clean interiors and a crack in the windshield, but its all mine <3 I haven't named it, because i don't really find a reason to name cars, but shes beautiful. $25k. Girl I barely make $13k a year.......... but yes mine. 

Lowkey an Alcoholic, but like not that serious, I should just drink less but its summer so I'm about to be outsiiiide. My favorite drink right now is still a rum and coke and i don't even like pop like that. I've been getting into craft beer lately so thats always fun and exciting.

otherwise nothing new, nothing exciting. one more year of school left. 

i may have met a boy... well, a man, but i may have met one. he's cute, smart, older (but not Lana Del Rey older, like "Oh, he's mature" older than me), has his own money, his own car, doesn't still live at home. Very Normal, Very Nice. 

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