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i saw smoeone spreading misinformation about proshipping.
they said smthn along the lines of "if u see proship dni in someones bio block immediatley"

thats....incorrect uhm proshipping for example is when someone ships a child and a adult. literal pedophilia. or when someone ships siblings. THATS proship. what i saw THIS person do was say (in counter argument) that pro-ship is the good guy here and anti ship isnt. they went on a tanget about how anti ship was bad for any reason, even if its pedophilia or if someone was just uncomfy shipping characters and said to put the emoji combo 🍖+🌈 in ur bio i  ur against anti shipping. which is very wrong LMAOOOOO as i said above pro ship is a person who supports shipping deemed problematic like if its incestual or pedophilia or abusive dynamics. but uhmm yeah. ppl need to stop spreadind misinformation
also if someone is uncomfy with shipping for ANY reason. u dont have a say in it. anyways bye LMAO

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Pro-shipping means being against harassment over ships? Someone can be a proshipper and not ship anything that can be deemed immoral or taboo. This blog post is equally as incorrect as theirs. They're definitely misconstruing anti-shippers and being biased, but you're doing the same thing but with pro-shippers.

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