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Done with exams + graduating in 2 weeks + life

Sooo i'm done w high school which is... weird

Exam results are only coming out during August, so till then i'm gonna need to deal with the anxiety of not knowing what i got lol

I'm taking a gap year and the scores i get on my exams will pretty much determine if i'm going to uni or not.. which is really scary lol

I'm gonna be moving to spain (i don't speak spanish so i'll have to learn) and if i make enough i think i'm gonna move somewhere like prague or if my job pays really well maybe seoul but we'll see

Overall i have no fucking clue where my life is heading lol but im not too upset about it, i had a feeling that it'd end up like this at one point

To anyone else who's class of '23, if you wanna share your thoughts feel free to do so under this post or even dms

Lastly, fuck it we ball

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