random rant

sooo im not one to rant much but uhh here we are 

wtf is wrong with u if ur a proshipper dawg like is it reeallly that hard to find a coping mechanism that doesnt involve being a pedo and a creep and omg dont get me started on the ones who draw LITERAL CP like seriously WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU im looking at you literally half the genshin fandom (im not against ppl in the fandom im against ppl who are proshippers in the fandom which is atleast half of it) honestly proshippers dont even exist there just plain pedos we should not give them a word and just call them what they are fuckin pedos especially the ones who try to gratify it by say "b-BUT its a coping mechanism 🥺" is it really that hard to journal or draw or hell even write smut as a coping mechanism just dont be a goddamn pedo 

rant over

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