Well its just himWell basically my Big throbbinf question for you people on this Websit is why dont u want to be my Frined. My brother gecko (You mighjt know him hes Kind of famous)joined on this Website just moments after me andThat guy has got a million friends. Is this becausw of the rumors About me? becuse i have Cleared them up on my profile an d Also i was No where NEAR london september 8th and Ive got the Dic pcitures to PROVE IT. Theyre time stamped. So i guess tahts it from me looking forward to EHaring from you soonm

Oh lovely hwta i can do here Look it is pink DIDNT REALISE I COULD PUT PICTURES i sure am Learning a lot.

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i givwe u twqo kudos and a really big heartr cause i wanna see those dic pics. Hopefull y you cvasn prove the Rumors wrong sweetums,,its only a matter of time before youre th e coolest cat in all of th elands . Ilove you ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

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are you gonna say it back

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