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my pronouns / names >_<

Jorden (not Jordan) ----> love it sm

Jory -----> its ok as a nickname

JJ ----> only if we are close :3

She/her/hers ----> Love them sm please use them

They/them/theirs -----> I dont mind them :P

He/him/his -----> I dont mind them but not my fav

Xe/xem/xer ----> I dont mind but i dont quite understand them

Other neos and xenos -----> I dont mind them and its fine if you use them but i dont really understand them (sorry /gen)

I also use tone tags smetimes as i struggle with tone sorry!!

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AAA Jorden i love ur name and prns ! they so cool /gen

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tysmmmm /gen :DD

by Jorden; ; Report

i also have 1 posted btw if u wanna look /nf :D

by :33; ; Report

i will!!!

by Jorden; ; Report