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New things I've tried recently & current obsessions

A few days ago, my boyfriend & I decided to take spontaneous day trip to a small German town only an hour away. The atmosphere was fun. The food & drinks were great. I went on a mountain coaster for the first time! I was nervous, but excited. I wish it had been longer. We also decided in advance to go axe-throwing. I was actually pretty good at it once I understood the instructions. Bullseye after bullseye. But we ended up making it our own when he decided to ask the attendant if we could use my playing card throwing knives. (I collect throwing knives & he literally bought them for me that day.) She said sure & it was on. It's been so long since I've actually participated in my knife-throwing hobby. I'm glad to be taking it up again. I forgot how good I was! Even though axe-throwing was fun & I'm happy I tried it, I had more fun with my cards. I plan doing knife-throwing on my own way more often now. (For anyone wanting to get into such hobbies, please do research on how to do so safely. I'd start out with darts. <3) 

Another thing I've tried is going to sound so silly, but I finally got on Spotify. I joined the rest of the world! And I'm in love. The playlists, the podcasts, everything about it is great. Bye Pandora. Because of that, a current obsession of mine is podcasts. Specifically girly podcasts about becoming the best version of yourself with health, fitness, motivation, & good mindsets. They've really helped me. 

Now, this current hyper-fixation of mine is going to be so random, but matcha. All my podcast girlies have gone on about it, I decided to try the tea. I enjoyed it. I then tried matcha ice cream & from there, I was a matcha girl. I get iced matcha lattes from Starbucks all the time now. I've been researching all sorts of matcha recipes I plan on making. 

That brings me to my next activity I've been partaking in more; cooking & baking. I've been so much better at not only cooking for myself but cooking healthy meals too. I think my new favorite feeling is cooking something for someone else & seeing them genuinely enjoy what I made. It gives me the warm fuzzies! 

Thats all for now. What are some new things you've tried recently? Do you like any of the things I've written about? Let me know. 

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