scared n conflicted

Yesterday I went to the library. I got a book about dating for women who like women. My mom noticed it. Today she begged me not to be gay but I don't think I can help it. I'm scared. What if she's right about it being a sin? My scrupulosity is bad enough as it is. I don't wanna go to hell. But I'm afraid of talking to God. I feel like Sparky in this scene.

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Believe it or not it doesnt matter if u like girls (im not religious and this made me comment bc yk) god hung out w all kinds of ppl (gay, queer, murders, etc etc) idc if u dont Believe me and its not a sin- we're peaceful ppl and if god 'supposedly' dislikes the LGBTQ then is that really the god that was actually a person or a false man? (idk im silly goofy if u like girls it aint sin anyways take care of urself n have a good day!ദി ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )♡)

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thank you. this made me feel better :] (im not homophobic im just scared)

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Ik u arent and np!⸜( ˶'ᵕ'˶)⸝ always happy to help^^

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