Dandelions in the wind [OC STORY]


Blaze tredges through the ruins of the destroyed city, searching for any sign of organic life. So far…no luck.

“Find anything yet?” Jetstream asks from Blaze's communication earpiece “Nope…Nothin” Blaze said “Well…keep searching. If you can’t find anything, we can always look next week.” Jetstream sighs. Blaze hangs up, to continue their search. All they see is rubble on the ground from houses, burnt up trees from fire, messed up broken buildings, chunks of concrete along the broken road, and the deep potholes in the road. They found 3 year old moldy bread on the ground. Nasty…

Blaze hovers through the city, in hopes of finding anything! Until they reach the end on a cliff. But on that cliff was something incredible. Something they’ve never seen before…they walk over to it to investigate…it was a puffy plant. It had clear white feathery material, with seeds attached to it. They took a photo of the plant, and sent it to jetstream. Jetstream was quick to respond.

Blaze :<what is this? *photo of a dandelion*>

Jetstream: <that’s a dandelion.>

Blaze: <Dandelion?>

Jetstream: <yes, they start off as yellow weeds that look like flowers, and then, they bloom into a full dandelion, most people blow the seeds off of them to make a wish. What nonsense…>

Blaze plucks the dandelion off of the ground. The wind blows, sending most of the seeds into the air. Blaze's eyes lit up. They’ve never seen such beauty before…Blaze watched as the seeds drifted off to who knows where…Heaven? Hell? Who knows where they go…

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