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Life Is Such A Blessing.

Isn't it crazy? How most of us wake up on a daily basis and don't think twice bout it? 

We get a restart every time we shut our eyes and open them again, a luxury a lot of us take for granted until... you know. I have recently been working on my gratitude, to every absolute thing around me. By being grateful for things such as having a roof over your head, air in your lungs, food in your stomach, waking up this morning... it just continues to get easier to find things to be appreciative for. We raise our vibration that way, by loving. 

Love everything that is, everything that was, everything that will be. Come to terms with some of the hardest truths you have faced and work on your love for even them. Everything, and I mean everything, in our lives is for a reason. Without our trials and tribulations we would fail to understand truly what "good" is. Balance is everything. Love is everything. Love more, hug more, live more. Have more faith. 

I Love You. 

- Madz <3

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