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i dont care if you dont like me, you dont even like yourself

small life update but i just lost one of my closest friends (i've known her for 6 years but mainly been close/best friends for 4+ years) and i couldn't be happier. sometimes you genuinely have to realize your worth guys cause misery loves company. its crazy to see how people can change a person cause she went from a sweet girl to a narcissistic, two-faced pick me. she loves to play victim despite treating everyone in her life (especially her bf / now ex bf cause he confessed how toxic their relationship was to me despite him and i being frenemies) like garbage. its funny finding out how jealous and insecure she was of me so she had to bs a bunch of lies in order to make me look bad. stop putting people down because you're insecure lol get a therapist. anyways, if you're in a toxic friendship, truthfully, no matter how long or whatever you've gone through together, LEAVE. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. graduating high school is so amazing because i no longer have to go through the bs she put me through. ive lost two of my "best friends" this school year cause i kept choosing the wrong people, but im so happy with the friends i DO have.

get rid of the toxic people in your life. if someone is disrespecting you constantly, they mean it and you're not willing to believe it. start seeing your own worth that you deserve to be treated better.

my summer is gonna be surrounded by the people i love because my happiness is my biggest priority.

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