Shinoda the Betta

i've had my betta, Shinoda, for a week and a half. he is a halfmoon plakat and his colors make him look like a miniature koi fish. my theme for the tank is Linkin Park, as you could tell from his name. Mike Shinoda is/was the rapper of LP. in the tank, Shinoda has rainbow rocks because Chester's favorite color was rainbow :33. i also have a bridge decoration in there since i couldn't get the traditional Asian building (Mike is part Japanese so i wanted to incorporate that). he also has a lot of plants and even a moss ball. i'm planning on getting him a snail. i don't even know what to name the snail. wastelands? grave? hybrid? tinfoil? iridescent? catalyst? meteora? idk!!!! but i also took a video of him :).

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