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Across The Spider-Verse short review (SPOILERS)

I saw Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse yesterday, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

First off, I really loved the scene at the start with Gwen, it was really nice seeing more of her as Spider-Woman, and more of her story with Peter!! And I LOVEDDDD the music during all of those scenes, especially the song Self Love which you can listen to the whole soundtrack on Spotify now!

The music in general was great in this movie, even better than the first, and just really sets me in the mood you know? Amazingg.

Miguel is SO COOL.

I liked the other characters quite a lot too!! Good personality.

A few scenes really got me yk, in the feels. Just really well done.

I loved this movie SO MUCH, I liked it more than the first! Which is CRAZY given how good the first one was.

OH AND DON'T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN!!! HE HAD A SPEAKING LINE AAAAA Hearing Josh Keaton's Spider-Man again was so cool, and in a CINEMA OF ALL PLACES!! It was a little weird seeing him in a sorta 3D look but idc, seeing my favorite animated Spider-Man in a cinema was cool to see.

The cliffhanger really got me though!! This film really kinda stole me lol, I was so stuck in the story that I didn't even see it coming! And now I REALLY can't wait for the next film!

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OMGGG i loved the movie too, i was laughing so hard.
Spider punk being voiced by my favorite british man really made me happyyyy.
Im glad they made peter in gwens story look like an actual teen instead of that 30 yr old peter model they used in the first movie.
And seeing earth 42 miles being the prowler since other miles had his spider was crazy
that plot twist of his mom saying "whos spiderman" and seeing his uncle was OMGG i gasped so loud
Miguel is such a lovable ass and his relationship with Lyla and spider woman is the best
also seeing popsicle spiderman there was just so funny thats our universe's spiderman lmaooo
ugh this movie is my current hyperfixiation

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I didn't know much about Spider Punk before this movie outside of his design but he was GREAT!! Aand rightt? The new peter design for Gwen makes much more sense lol. Aaa just that whole scene tho was so good, it hurttttt ;D Loved the ending, even tho I knew this was part 1, i somehow forgot that before the movie and totally didn't see the ending coming lol, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Very cool tho! I actually went to see the movie again on Tuesday with some family that didn't see it, still VERY good on second viewing :3

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Oh and the cameos!!!!
Mrs. Chen (venom)
Donald Glover (Spider-man Homecoming/ Prowler)
Alfred molina (doc oct/ 'hello peter')
Jk simmons (lego universe/ J. Jonah Jameson)
Andrew Garfield (the amazing spiderman/ Captain Stacey Death)
Toby mcguire (Spider-Man/ Uncle Ben death)
the scream i scrumpt seeing all the cameos

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