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about me :3

hihi i know i havent posted yet, but ill get there! rn heres a little intro ^^


name: landon

pronouns: he/him

birthday: september 3rd

siblings: 1 brother

job: i work at a grocery store :)


hair color: faded black/brown

eye color: brown

height: 5'10"

dyed hair: ive done bleach blonde, red, and black before!

braces: not anymore

glasses/contacts: no, but i probably need them

piercings: septum, left eyebrow, snakebites

tattoos: not yet grrr


color: black and red

video game: i havent touched a game console in 2 years

tv show: south park

animal: cats, lobsters, worms

food: i love all food but soup is so so good

alcoholic drink: pink whitney bc im fruity 

day of the week: saturday

season: winter

song: rn? give 'em hell kid mcr

subject: history

holiday: halloween

book: oil! by upton sinclair

flower: foxglove or snapdragon

this or that

tv or movies? movies i have a short attention span

take out or dine out? take out tbh

vampires or werewolves? ahghgh vampi,.wer.;.,; v.

pancakes or waffles? waffles 

silver or gold? silverrrr

iced coffee or tea? iced coffee

sandwich crust or no crust? CRUST!!11!

snow or rain? snow ive never been in it before

train rides or road trips? train rrides i wana go on a train so bad guys


single or taken: single :(     (i need an emo bf)

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🕸 xailo 🕸

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the this or that answers R so valid

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tbhhh i LOVE crust sammich

by ✮landonpawz✮; ; Report


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pook moment

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grraghhg im eating you alive arrgh

by ✮landonpawz✮; ; Report


by Chiggle_; ; Report


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omigosh we have the same birthday ^___^ this is so epic

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ohemgee!!!! that is so epic!

by ✮landonpawz✮; ; Report