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good things happened today

i went into my backyard. i saw the full moon during the day. i was the first in my family to see the moon today, everyone else was inside. i saw it move across the sky and i saw the sky change colors (i came back in when it was dark). periwinkle to indigo. it is so nice to be outside at night, moths are everywhere. i even held a moth and a butterfly in my hand!!! once it had become dark i saw fireflies come out, too. my dad had asked when the fireflies are coming, and now they are here. i also heard what i thought were cicadas. and between the trees, when it was later, i saw one bright star. i saw the star before the rest of my family, too. it was so beautiful, something so bright nestled on top of the dark silhouettes of the trees. i am normally so depressed but this all made me so happy, at least for today, at least for a few good hours


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Actual Acorn

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nyehehe it was raining where I live so I didn't go outside nyehehe

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kuku maybe u can go out once the rain has stopped.... there may be some nice worms (if u like worms) (i do) kuku

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ur so lucky to expercience that huhu, that sounds like a fairytale, i cant even see any fireflies here huhu

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yes im very grateful that i am able to see these creatures (⁠ ̄⁠︶⁠ ̄⁠) i hope u can see fireflies some day

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bro i never see any fireflies here in our place what the heck huhu

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