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gio-blog 3: we are all love blaseball

it's officially over. The Game Band has announced that Blaseball is done

it's weird
i was only in the fandom for a couple years and only saw a week's worth of games, but blaseball has such a special place in my heart. maybe it's my wiki-surfing sprees, maybe it's the age of the scrunkles and Kentucky Bluegrass, maybe Gloria Bugsnax just does that to a guy. regardless, it's over now

if you had told me a year ago that Blaseball was never coming back during that break, i would have called you a liar as the seed of doubt was planted. if you had told me a few months ago that it would never be coming back from this break, i would have immediately also called you a liar. "they're working so hard!" i'd say. "they wouldnt scrap it all so soon!"

it was the best decision for the game band, especially financially, but we dont even get a celebration of what we had. no final game, no real sendoff, not even a final unredaction of the book. we will never know what the deal with this game's lore is

i'm not happy.

this community was like everything to me for a while. i loved to watch the roundups, hear stories from others, make and interact with fan-content. it's technically not going anywhere, but it's wildly upsetting that blaseball is going away

before archival, the maincord is only gonna be up for 3 days after a weekend break.
3 days to connect with everyone you want to
to give final art pieces to the greater community
to share stories of blaseball with all the other fans who're getting a raw deal
to stay.

even blaseballcares is sticking around longer. they could have just as easily shuttered immediately, and im glad they arent doing that, but the fact it's staying all month as the actual community area shuts down halfway through the first full week of june is pretty unfair.

at the time of writing i've also cried like 7 times about this so far

at least the in-universe players can finally go home, i guess

i'll miss you, Gloria Bugsnax. i'll miss you, Zelda Highway. the anchor, the commish, the mic. the Boston Flowers and the Hades Tigers, Seattle Garages and Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams. i'll miss just about everything about it

especially the flowers. even though the sidecord is still here, the players just cant be.
roots down, thorns up 🌹

if any other fans are on here, feel free to share your thoughts and stories in the comments. things the wiki might not have picked up, things you experienced, anything.

rest in violence, blaseball

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