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UGHHH what’s with other alternative people hating on me bc i’m “not a real scene person” :( YES I AM, IM SORRY I DONT HAVE THE MONEY OR ACCESS TO A BUNCH OF ACCESSORIES ;< 

YOU ARE ALTERNATIVE YOURE SUPPOSED TO HAVE MY BACK! i’ve been into the scene and emo culture for AS LONG as i can remember 😓 just a bc i don’t have a bunch of scene clothes and my hair looks like idk not scene. DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING:( 

“i’m tired of newgen scene kids they all look like they shop at hot topic and homestuck fans” okay first of all HATE HOMESTUCK it’s not swag at all, yeah a couple of my stuff is from hot topic bc it’s the closet store like that to my area that i’m allowed to shop at, my mommy is also TERRIFIED of shopping online! lameo 😖 and i don’t have a job or a way to get money! so it’s money from events or my parents! 

i know SO MUCH ABOUT THE SUBCULTURE AND IVE BEEN INTO IT SINCE I WAS LITTLE LIKE LITERALLY! it just bothers me SO much bc how are you gonna sit here and judge me! when you have died hair and that’s literally it and we’re also THE SAME AGE. 


haters make me famous hoez have nothing on me XD 


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